Giving to & Giving Through

One of our values is to be a Life Giving Culture. In its simplest expression that means that because God is generous and hospitable, we should be too. Jesus talked about money a lot, and we think that’s because money represents a measure of control in our lives. It’s an area that can take some time to learn how to trust God. We get that. Again, we serve a God who expresses Himself in generosity, grace and hospitality.

We believe that when you give to STORYCHURCH, you also give through it. We have set budget levels ahead of time that reinforce the value of being generous. A minimum of 10% of every dollar we receive goes outside of our organization and into our community and beyond. And we often take up special offerings strictly for organizations, causes, and events outside of STORYCHURCH.

All your giving is safe, secure, and easy. You can give cash online, donate stocks online,  via text, or the old-fashioned way during services. However you give, we want to say THANK YOU for your generosity and faithfulness. It’s what allows us to empower all people to tell a great story with their lives.

*If you are interested in other types of gifts, i.e., physical property, or real estate we encourage you to give us a call at 719.776.0473 to discuss that further.