The Narrative...

A deep-dive into your value & purpose in Jesus

The narrative is our primary tool for helping one another learn what it looks like to be a healthy follower of Jesus, and how to help others follow Him as well. In truth, this twelve-week group is really just the beginning, but it provides foundational truths and tools for understanding God, the Church, yourself and relationships.

The Prologue

Discovering the story of StoryChurch

The Author

Building a healthy relationship with The Author of all our stories.

The Call

The call to self-discovery and beginning to understand yourself in a healthy way.

The Plot Twist

Learning who you really are and beginning to understand how you relate to others.

The Unveiling

Removing our masks learning to live in freedom and authenticity.

The Road Ahead

Learning how to begin living out the calling that God has for you within and beyond the walls of the church.

Sign Up Today

We offer this group regularly and the best way to get involved is to text StoryChurch to 94000 and we’ll get you information on where and when to begin.