Circles and Rows

Circles & Rows

We believe that people gather around a message and connect with one another in circles and rows. In a church service, we often (but not always) sit in rows, focused on the message or the worship, we are together, but our connection is shoulder-to-shoulder more than it’s face to face. We need that, it’s important, we believe in the power of gathering around the single purpose of worshiping God in song, study, prayer, giving, and community. But we also know that people connect well with one another in circles, face to face, doing life with one another. So we’re a church with circles and rows. They’re both important.

That being said, circles connect us in a unique and powerful way. Sitting and standing with one another, seeing the expressions on one another’s faces, hearing each voice, and sharing our stories, including our hopes, strengths, and struggles. This is a unique and beautiful space of growth and connection. This is where we build authentic community and share life with one another.

StoryGroups are essentially smaller gatherings of community. We gather in homes, coffee shops & cafes, at parks, on hiking trails, in gyms, and just about anywhere people gather together to enjoy & share life.

We have groups of all kinds, and folks are free to choose from interest-based groups around shared affinity for a specific activity, i.e., fitness, crafts, books, etc.(and you can find them here) We also have a few specific StoryGroups centered around critical areas and stages of life. 

COMMUNITY NIGHTS, Wednesdays at 6:30pm

On Wednesday Nights we gather for a meal (potluck style), abbreviated worship & prayer, and then break into small groups which include the following: (childcare -10 is available during Community Nights)

Financial Health





Recovery from hurts, habits, and hangups is huge part of who we are as a church. You can find some form of recovery group taking place nearly every day of the week in our space.



Alcoholics Anonymous, 12pm

“Last Bottom” 

Narcotics Anonymous, 7pm


CMA Recovery Group 12pm



Alcoholics Anonymous, 12pm

12×12 Study Action

Alcoholics Anonymous, 7pm




Alcoholics Anonymous, 12pm

Men’sAlcoholics Anonymous, 7pm


CMA Recovery Group 12pm

“Clean Air” AA Group – 7pm



More Than A Meal – 9am (clothing & breakfast)

We’re only as sick as our secrets”


We also coordinate the majority of our outreaches through StoryGroups. We believe that reaching out into areas of our own passion and influence is an important part of group life.


Bringing hope in the power of relationships


We always open God’s word together and study His character


Prayer is the greatest thing we can do with and for one another

Next Steps

Pointing people to their own next steps including reaching out to others beyond our comfort, but within our reach.

In other words, we all have reach, we all have influence, we all have something we know and can offer to others, but it’s not always comfortable to offer that, but that’s exactly what we’re called to do as part of sharing our stories with others and being the key that unlocks hope for someone else.